About our Standards

Our Quality Standards

Manufacturing Process

Rested Legs™ is a high-quality, natural dietary supplement manufactured for our company, NutriPurity, Inc. All formulation, manufacturing, analysis and laboratory testing is performed in the United States of America. Manufacturing and packaging is conducted in a certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA-Registered facility.


Quality Control

Rested Legs™ conforms to the most stringent quality control standards in adherence to guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the manufacturing and distribution of dietary supplements. In addition, every facet of the manufacturing process, from ingredient selection and sourcing, blending, production, bottling, labeling and storage is done within a facility that has earned and maintains the cGMP distinction.

Lab Testing & Certification

Rested Legs™ undergoes three rounds of testing. The first analysis is performed on the individual ingredients, to make certain that each ingredient meets the standard of quality and potency, before it is formulated into the Rested Legs product. The second round of testing / analysis is conducted after the ingredients in Rested Legs are blended and encapsulated. This test is performed within the facility to ascertain whether the product has been formulated to exact specifications. The final analysis is performed and certified by an independent third-party laboratory, for quality assurance.